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What is UTLA’s track record for its members?

  • FACT: Prior to the May 2015 contract agreement with LAUSD, teachers represented by UTLA in LAUSD went for four years without a contract agreementand eight years without a pay increase.2
  • FACT: UTLA has not been able to prevent lay-offs. In spring 2015, the LAUSD Board voted for another 609 teacher lay-offs.3
  • FACT: UTLA has been unable to secure smaller class sizes at LAUSD. In the recent contract agreement with LAUSD, UTLA was unable to guarantee the hiring of additional teachers to reduce class size.The LAUSD 2014-15 budget shows that average class size at middle and high schools is 34 to 42.5 students depending on demographics.The Alliance 2014-15 school budgets are based on an average class size of 30 students. 
  • FACT:  UTLA has been running their union at an operating deficit for the past 10 years. In August 2015, UTLA President announced at Union Leadership Conference that UTLA would seek a $228 increase in annual union dues to each member, bringing individual member annual dues to $917.

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