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What does unionization guarantee for Alliance teachers?

  • FACT: Joining the union only guarantees teachers the right to collective bargaining. It does not guarantee increased pay, benefits and any other working conditions. Every item must be negotiated.
  • FACT: When a union gains representational rights, it becomes the exclusive representative of the employees. That means that the union will speak on your behalf, even if you did not want the union. The union creates a barrier to the collaborative working relationship of teachers with their school leaders. While teachers could continue to speak with their principal about any issues in the workplace, no resolution could take place unless it was consistent with the union’s position.1
  • FACT: The union, not the teachers, ultimately decides what to propose in negotiation. If and when a union contract goes into effect at a school, all teachers at that school are covered, whether or not they signed a card or voted for the union.  There is no “opting out.”
  • FACT:  Joining UTLA increases greatly the likelihood you would have to pay dues, which are currently $689.04/year.

[1] National Labor Relations Act, Section 9(a), and Educational Employment Relations Act, Section 3543(a)