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What are the benefits of maintaining an Independent Alliance?

  • FACT: As charter schools, Alliance schools are granted autonomy from the overly rigid bureaucracy of traditional districts and, yes, the bureaucracy of unions. Our teachers and employees have the freedom to continually innovate, learn and improve, so we can meet the needs of individual students and provide all students the very best education.  Unionization fundamentally puts at risk our core values, our collaborative working environment, and most importantly, the flexibility and autonomy that has allowed us to become one of the highest performing public school networks in the country.
  • FACT: Alliance teachers earn significantly more than teachers in LAUSD schools with a UTLA contract.1,2
    • In addition, Alliance counselors earned 16% pay increases over the past two years.  Alliance believes in performance-based compensation that rewards and incentivizes excellence. UTLA does not support performance-based compensation of any kind.
  • FACT: Alliance teachers receive generous benefits, including participation in the California State Teacher Retirement System (STRS).
  • FACT: Alliance teachers have a voice in critical school decisions. 
    • Unlike traditional public schools, Alliance teachers hold two seats on each Alliance school board where they participate in important decisions, including the approval of the school’s budget.
    • Alliance teachers also consult on broad range of important decisions facing Alliance schools through School Site Councils, Instructional Leadership Teams and the Alliance-wide Teacher Advisory Panel. 
    • Teachers participated in defining which curriculum and instructional technology devices would be used on their campuses for the 2015-16 school year.
  • FACT: Alliance has a fair and transparent evaluation process that was developed over many years with input from teachers.
    • Multiple evaluation measures (classroom observation, student academic growth, parent and student surveys) provide a well-rounded and comprehensive look at teacher performance.
    • Alliance’s Framework for Effective Teaching is used by thousands of other school systemsand provides a consistent and clear set of shared expectations for both teachers and school leaders.
  • FACT: Alliance’s goal is to retain good teachers. We value the expertise of our teachers highly and take staffing decisions very seriously.  Per our employee handbook, our teachers have due process rights for any disciplinary action, including dismissal. Over the past two, years only 1% of teachers were let go for cause or poor performance. Additionally, Alliance has a formal means for teachers to express any concern or file any complaints about any aspect of their job or work environment without fear of harassment or retaliation. 
  • FACT: Alliance schools have smaller classes sizes than the traditional LAUSD Schools.  
  • FACT: Alliance is a financially sound, dynamic and growing organization. In contrast, LAUSD schools where UTLA contracts are in place, teachers have experienced years of lay-offs.Alliance has never had a reduction in forces. On the contrary, we continue to add new teachers each year.

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