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Hear from Alliance teachers who believe in preserving the independence and autonomy that has allowed Alliance to become one of the highest performing public school networks in the country. 

Hoffman0092.jpegThree Reasons I Oppose the UTLA's Unionization Campaign
By Jeremy Hoffman, High School Counselor at Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High School

Everyone in my family is an educator — my grandparents, my parents, and my two sisters — and I always knew I wanted to work in education. I saw it as my role to help children better themselves.

I am the only one in my family to work in a non-unionized environment. I don’t want to use the word “jealous,” but when I describe the culture at my school and how well Alliance treats us, everyone in my family is more than a little envious.

I love my coworkers. I love my administration. I have always felt supported. Read More>>



Stock_Baxter_072.jpegBrooklin Brumund, Teacher at Alliance Alice M. Baxter High School  

I am a first year teacher at Alliance Alice M. Baxter High School, and have been so thankful and appreciative of the fact that I am consistently respected as a professional within my school and within the entire Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools.  I am confident that my school's leaders make the best decisions for our school, our teachers, and our students, and that my input has a real impact.  My concern with UTLA is that, as an outside organization, this union would be unfamiliar with our students and our staff.  Read More>> 






2015_Collins_Family_HS_grad_84.JPGA Teacher's Message from the Heart
By Tina Wyatt, Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High School

The issue of union organization is very personal to me. I have taught in an Alliance public charter school for four years. I have watched the Alliance network grow and change for the better – charter schools that are thriving where students are achieving and being nurtured. There is no perfect school, but at Collins the administration has always had an open door policy and makes the time to hear your voice and consider your input. Read More>>




I Was a UTLA Teacher 
By Kip Morales, English, language, and composition teacher at Alliance Patty & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy

Before I was a teacher at Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy, I was an English teacher at Santee Education Complex. Alliance and Santee are just two miles apart and serve a similar population of students, but the schools might as well be on different planets.

I am not for or against unions; I am for collaboration and against division. At Santee, UTLA for the most part was the instigator of division, pitting the teachers against the administration and causing rifts between the teachers themselves—even causing some teachers to bully others. Read More>>




Why I'm Not Signing
By Veronica B., English Teacher, Alliance Smidt Tech High School

April 27, 2015

Dear Colleagues, 

I write to share with you my deep concerns about the UTLA campaign at Alliance schools and why I will not sign any UTLA petition or card. If you agree, please read this and share with your colleagues at Alliance. 

On Thursday, April 23, I read in an online press report that UTLA would hold a press conference on my campus at 6:30 the next morning. I was anxious to hear what would be said, but to be honest, it felt a bit invasive and sneaky. Why hadn’t teachers at our school been informed about this by UTLA? Why hadn’t we – the teachers they claim to want to represent - been told so that we could prepare or even so that we could be present? I went to the press conference and what I heard deeply disturbed me as an educator. Read More>>