Our Alliance Community

Stock_Baxter_072.jpegBrooklin Brumund, Teacher at Alliance Alice M. Baxter High School  

I am a first year teacher at Alliance Alice M. Baxter High School, and have been so thankful and appreciative of the fact that I am consistently respected as a professional within my school and within the entire Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools.  I am confident that my school's leaders make the best decisions for our school, our teachers, and our students, and that my input has a real impact.  My concern with UTLA is that, as an outside organization, this union would be unfamiliar with our students and our staff.  By submitting to collective bargaining, I would lose opportunities to participate directly in decision-making; I would be forfeiting my individual voice to an organization that does not support or understand our work within the Alliance.  I am incredibly proud to be included in such a positive and supportive school, and I am choosing to keep my individual voice, rather than paying an outside organization to represent me.