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As a teacher and employee, what are my rights?

  • FACT: Teachers have the right to decide for themselves, free from coercion from anyone, whether they want - or don’t want - to be represented by a union. You do not have to sign anything if you do not want to do so.  
  • FACT: The union can say or promise anything to get you to sign a union authorization card. The union can even lie or mislead you and your signature will still be valid.A union authorization card is a binding legal document, which gives the union the exclusive right to speak on your behalf in the workplace. A signed card can result in unionization without an election.2

[1] There is no statutory provision prohibiting misrepresentations by a union or rendering a signed authorization card invalid because the employee signed in reliance upon misrepresentation.

[2] National Labor Relations Act, Section 9(c) and National Labor Relations Board Rules & Regulations Manual, Section 101.17, and Educational Employment Relations Act, Section 3544 (a)