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Choosing Independent Alliance Schools


“At my school, we are a team, a family, whose voices are not only heard but acted upon; whose principal acts more like a big brother…. UTLA, as it is today, would cause my school’s culture to become fragmented and our jobs less secure.”

– Kip Morales, High School English, language, and composition teacher at Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School

Alliance College-Ready Public Schools is one of the largest and most successful charter school networks in California. Our 27 public charter middle and high schools educate nearly 12,000 students from Los Angeles’ most underserved communities. Alliance schools are routinely recognized as among the best high schools in the nation by the U.S. Department of Education and publications like Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report. Over 90% of Alliance students graduate from high school, and 95% of those are accepted to college.

Alliance schools are schools of choice for students and families, and for teachers and staff. The flexibility we are afforded as a charter school – across the network, at the school site and, most especially, in the classroom – is a central part of our success. Our teachers and school leaders are encouraged to identify problems and work together collaboratively to quickly change when something isn’t working. This is core to our success in achieving superior academic results for our students.

Given the recent activity by United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) to organize Alliance teachers into their union, we feel it is our responsibility to inform our teachers and school community about the potential impact of unionization with UTLA.

We recognize the rights of our teachers to decide for themselves, free from coercion, whether they want or do not want a union. Both those who want a union and those who do not are protected by law from coercion, intimidation and retaliation – in any way. Not only is it illegal, but it is also not the culture of our organization and it is not who we are.

This website is provided by Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, and all its content has been reviewed by legal counsel and

We recognize the rights of our teachers to decide for themselves, free from coercion, whether they represents the view of the organization. 



 Benefits of an Independent Alliance